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Book Cover Weakness

So, I was recently scrolling through my Goodreads lists, doing a little New Years cyberspace housekeeping, when I noticed a recurring theme in the book covers on both my favorites shelf (202 and counting) and my to-read shelf (329 and counting). Particularly in regards to books I'd decided were omg-I've-gotta-read-that material even before I'd read the summary.

Conclusion: put a pretty dress on it, and Lady Jane will most certainly read it. //bangs head against wall.

Do you have a book cover weakness? Is it fashion forward like mine, or something a bit different?



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Jan. 4th, 2013 06:31 pm (UTC)
Well, you have excellent tate in clothes...those are all lovely dresses! ( I love pretty dresses too - I would wear any one of those dresses....give or take one or two XD)

Umm....well, I don't usually get the chance to be attracted by book covers, because my pattern of choosing books usually goes something like this: "Gee, I have nothing to read. I know, I'll go to the last WSK post and pick something off there!" I ususally don't see the covers until I pick them up at the library. However, I've been thinking about books whose covers really speak to me, like Hidden Truth, Cinder,The Shifter, Forging the Sword,Crown Duel, and the best cover of all time (In my opinion anyway),The King of Attolia.

I think the bright, intense colors of these covrs is what attracts me. For a while, when the Harry Potter books were popular, alot of books had the very tone on tone color shemes like the HP books. I've got nothing against tone on tone - I love b/w movies and b/w photos and drawings, but in book covers, I just love the intense colors. I guess they kind of draw your eye in to the picture, just the way you hope that the book will draw you in to the story. (Though I may like the 'Cinder' cover just because of the shoe...I want shoes like that! *has a shoe fetish*)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years! And also, nice icon...I opened my f-page and thought "What is Lois doing here?!" XD
Jan. 7th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
I am a bit of fashionista... Not that it does me any favors up here in snow country, where I end of in jeans and snow boots most of the time, but when I was in New York, I owned that sidewalk strut! XD At least I can indulge my fashion sense in the summer. My closet is half full of sun dresses. My sister thinks I'm nuts...

The trend in your favorite covers is definitely intense colors, but I also notice you seem to like a one color scheme with a black background. HT is green, Cinder is red, Shifter is blue, and FtS is a very intense red.

I get a lot of my recs off of Goodreads, and since you see the cover first... You see where I'm going with this? It's gotten so bad that nearly a third of the books on my to-read list have a puffy dress on the cover. Oh, well... At least I know what I like!

Thank you! I had a lovely holiday season. Look what my sister got me.


Keh... Gotta love Lois's smirk. Have you finished Smallville, yet? I'm on season nine of my epic re-watch. What do you think of Tess?
Jan. 7th, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
Awww...You'll just have to come to NY more often - we promise to keep the nudists in check next time XD Sun dreddes are cute, though. I love my sandals and my Summer dresses, too.

Ooh, yeah, you're right....I do really like dark backgrounds, because they just make the subject pop right off of the cover. It's actually really interesting to look at trends in book cover - for a wihle, there was this half-a-face thing going on, now it looks like the pretty dresses are 'in.' I have to say, I prefer the pretty dresses to half a persons face staring at me! XD

Oh, your sister knows you well! "The only thing stronger than fear is hope" - I think I need an icon that says that. And speaking of HG....Bookworm and I are both in an online literature class over the WInter break, and we had to read this short story which started out alot like 'The Hunger Games,' but that's not the best part. The best part is that now, we are having a big discussion about HG on our class!! It's totally awesome when your fandom life and your school life cross!!

The ninth season is waiting for us at the library....we took a break for CHristmas so we could watch our Christmas movies, but we're ready to find out waht happens next....Apparently Lois has been shipped into the past or the future using the Legion ring...Yikes! About Tess, originally I didn't like her - she was very cold and arrogant. Now that we;ve found out how Lex used her, I feel really sorry for her. I'm also really afraid for her when Lex comes out of whatever comatose state he's in...he's probably going to knock her off for turning on him.
Jan. 8th, 2013 01:51 am (UTC)
I think for me, it's all pretty arbitrary. I think the best indication of whether I will read a book is by reading the synopsis, or if it has been recced by someone, and even then, there's no guarantee that I will love it.

With that said, I do tend to favour books of a certain genre, and since they're in the same genre, they tend to be designed similarly. Like Books, most of them have bright, attractive colours (maybe because they're for younger readers). I also tend to favour paintings / graphics, over models. I think they leave more to the imagination. So some book covers of books I liked (that weren't recced by someone else) are:

You know... I have a tendency to be unobservant, and I only realized the trend in pretty gowns on book covers when you posted this up. And now I'm asking myself why I haven't noticed? XD
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